LAFCo Meeting February 04, 2015

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Consent Calendar 

1. Approve the Meeting Minutes of December 10, 2014

2. Claims dated thru January 29, 2015, 2014

3. Monthly Budget Report

4. Herald Fire Protection District Status Update (LAFC 06-14) 

Business Items 

5. City of Elk Grove Sphere of Influence: Memorandum of Understanding for Preparation of Joint Environmental Impact Report (M-41)

Public Hearing Items 

6. Sacramento County Service Area #10 (CSA 10) - Sphere of  Influence Amendment and Concurrent Mass Annexation –  for the 2030 General Plan Urban Services Boundary  (LAFC 15-14) CEQA Exempt 


7. Executive Officer/Staff/Commission Counsel

8. Commission Chair/Commissioners 

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