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What's New! ​

  • Del Paso Manor Water District: A separate webpage has been created and can be found with this lin​​k or on the panel to the left. Please watch that page for any updates and to learn more about the LAFCo process. 
  • Special Districts Advisory Committee: ​​We would like to invite Board Directors, General Managers and staff members of Sacramento County's Special District to attend the SDAC summer training and discussion session for a Municipal Service Review 101​. Come learn about how these studies can help tell the district's story to customers. 
    • ​July 30, 2024 at 5:00-6:30PM located at SMUD Headquarters (6201 S Street, Sacramento)
  • LAFCo 101: ​​We would like to invite the general public to learn more about LAFCo and will be presenting a LAFCo 101 on August 7, 2024 at the LAFCo hearing. This item will start at 6:00PM at 700 H Street, Board Chambers in Sacramento. Additional information can be found on this flyer. 

  • ​Airport South Update: On June 12, 2024, ​LAFCo held a ​hearing to receive public comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)​ for this project. No decision was made on the project

​Recently Approved Municipal Service Reviews


The next LAFCo hearing is tentatively scheduled for August 7, 2024​

​​​​Regularly scheduled meetings are shown live on Metro Cable channel 14 and are webcast live on Metro Cable TV website. The replay schedule varies, according to prog​ramming.​​​​

Additional Information

  • A new map system​ for looking up service providers under Sacramento LAFCo authority is now available. 
Sphere of Influence Overview

Incorporation v. Annexation: A Comparison

Additional LAFCo Requirements

The current "LAFCo law​" Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000) is available.​

​​​​​What's LAFCo?

Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) is a countywide commission, required in each California county

Our Goals:

  • Ensure the orderly formation of local governmental agencies
  • Preserve agricultural and open space lands
  • Discourage sprawl

We Govern:

  • Boundary changes (annexations) of cities and special districts
  • Formation of new agencies
  • Incorporation of new cities and districts
  • Consolidation or reorganization of special districts and or cities
  • Municipal Service Reviews
  • Spheres of Influence Updates

Sacramento LAFCo joins with every LAFCo​​ across the state in accepting greater responsibility for local government service delivery​.​​​​​

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  • Receive announcements​ on completed/updated Municipal Service Reviews, Project Updates and potential LAFCo trainings available to the general public.
Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission
1112 I Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916)874-6458 / FAX (916) 854-9099