Factors LAFCo Must Consider in Reviewing Proposals

  • Population, population density; land area and land use; per capita assessed valuation; topography, natural boundaries, and drainage basins; proximity to other populated areas, the likelihood of significant growth in the area and in adjacent incorporated and unincorporated areas during the next 10 years.
  • Need for organized community services; the present cost and adequacy of governmental services and controls in the area; probable future needs for such services and controls; probable effect of the proposed incorporation, formation, annexation, or exclusion and of alternative courses of action on the cost and adequacy of services and controls in the area and adjacent areas.
  • The effect of the proposed action and of alternative actions on adjacent areas, on mutual social and economic interests, and on the local governmental structure of the county.
  • Conformity of the proposal and its effects with commission policies on providing planned, orderly, efficient patterns of urban development and with state policies and priorities on conversion of open-space lands to other uses.
  • Effect of the proposal on maintaining the physical and economic integrity of lands in an agricultural preserve in open-space uses.
  • The definiteness and certainty of the boundaries of the territory, the nonconformance of proposed boundaries with lines of assessment or ownership, the creation of islands or corridors of unincorporated territory, and other similar matters affecting the proposed boundaries.
  • Conformity with appropriate city or county general and specific plans.
  • The "sphere of influence" or any local agency which may be applicable to the proposal being reviewed.
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