Sacramento LAFCo Policy, Standards and Procedures Manual

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Table of Contents 

  • Chapter I. Introduction
    • A. The Purpose of these Policies, Standards, and Procedures
    • B. The Legislature’s Creation of LAFCo’s
    • C. The Legislature’s Policy direction to LAFCo
    • D. The Specific and Delimited LAFCo Jurisdiction
    • E. The LAFCo Commission: Its Composition and Legislative Charge
    • F. Legislative Authority for the Sacramento LAFCo’s Policies Standards and Procedures
  • Chapter IV. General Standards
    • A. Spheres of Influence
    • B. Conformance with Applicable General and Specific Plans
    • C. Boundaries
    • D. Revenue Neutrality
    • E. Agricultural Land Conservation
    • F. Application of the California Environmental Quality Act to Changes of Organization and Spheres of Influence
    • G. Efficient Standards and Orderly Development
    • H. Need for Services
    • I. Standards for Annexation To and From All Agencies
    • J. Determination of Costs
  • Chapter V. Specific Standards by Type of Action
    • A. Annexations to Cities
    • B. Annexations to Districts
    • C. Detachments from Cities and Districts
    • D. Incorporations and Disincorporations
    • E. District Formations and Dissolutions
    • F. City Consolidation, District Consolidation, and Merger of District Into a City
    • G. Reorganization
    • H. Sphere of Influence Plans
    • I. Amendments to Spheres of Influence
    • J. Reconsideration of LAFCo’s Decisions
    • K. City Protests of Land Conservation Contracts (Government Code Section 51243.5)
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